Saturday, October 3, 2009

KeePassDroid 0.9.0

  • Create new databases on your device
  • Auto sort entries when adding new ones


  1. Unfortunately, it did not work on HTC Tattoo. It tried to place the database in a non writeable directory. Not sure how to get it pointing to the SD card.

  2. Hi, I use KeePass and found your Droid app. However, my database did not open. I think it's because my database "Number of key encryption rounds" is set to 8389017. Any idea how long that will take to open on a Moto Droid?

  3. Ok, by lowering that number to 5 the database opened quickly. I'd still like to know how long 8389017 would take to open.

    Do you plan to upgrade the app for higher rez displays? Some of the field labels overwrite each other and some of the data on my Moto Droid.

    Thanks for creating this app!!!

  4. Hi there - thanks for ceating this! Is there a way to import or convert the .pdb file for my Palm 'Passman' database?


  5. I downloaded for my Droid last night. Created a database on the phone. Made one sample entry, when I pressed save, the app choked and a force close dialog came up.

    However, I re-launched it, opened the database (which apparently was saved before the error), and created a sample entry without problem the second time around.

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