Monday, November 16, 2009

Copy and paste username and password from notifications

In version 0.9.5, a new feature has been added to make it easier to copy and paste usernames and passwords.

Now, whenever you open an entry in your database, two options will be added to your notification bar:

Select user name or password while in you are in the web browser application to quickly copy and paste both of them without switching back and forth.

These options will disappear when you close the entry or when the database times out.


  1. I love the idea and work so far. Any idea of when support for the new database format will be implemented?

    Keep up the great work..:)

  2. Very nice. I was skeptical when first trying this, but the combination of Go To Url and these notifications is nice. I personally would suggest a "Go" button on the right side for any entries with URLs. Instead of having to click the entry to open its details, you click the Go button and it opens the browser to that URL and adds these two notifications. This saves the user two clicks, the click to go to the entry details, and the click to open the options menu to access the Go to URL option.

  3. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but, this feature was working fine until I upgraded to the latest cyanogenmod 6 on my htc mytouch3g, now I can't paste from the notifications area, every time I try seems to have an empty clipboard. (No paste option at all)

    Have you heard about this? I could help you debug this if this happen to be a bug.


  4. New Droid owner and happy to see Keepass/Dropbox integration. However, ID and password is not being saved to clipboard. Notifications are working. Have confirmed clipboard is working using other text. Using Droid with Froyo 2.2. Thanks for the hard work.

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  7. Logging into databases online or of social media accounts become a pain in the butt, tbvh. I had to login every time into a database to find financial accounting assignment help for myself, but login and after login. But after this notification option has come where you can copy/paste the password, life just became easier and fun because of less restricted accessibility.